Marc Veray
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 "Impregnated by the virus at birth", horses have always been and still are like a drug for me, how much enriching and beneficial!
Horseman since I waw 8, I have used classical riding, american riding, as well as riding from the Camargue

Having practised endurance for 4 years, I obtained more particulary a 7th place at the "130 km de Florac" and twice a 5th place at the "100 km de Roman" with an outstanding Arabian mare: 

I tookplace in a 1000 km raid Avignon-Paris with my horses.

Arabian horse breeder since 1970, I was one of the pioneers in the revival of Arabian horse breeding in France.
I have assumed the charge of President of A.C.A Provence for 10 years. I am member of A.C.A France (Association of Arabian Horse breeders of  France )


International judge since 1980, I have deepened my knowledge through many trips to Spain, Egypt, Jordan, Israël, United Kingdom, Italy, U.S.SA , Tunisia, Morocco,.....