Haras du Gréou




Ali Napoleon's favourite arabian horse
( sculpted by Fratin)
Never has human imagination over dreamt of such beauty incarnated in a living creature

I have been breeding these sublime steeds since 1970 in the pure Southern tradition, with a favourable ground and an ideal climate, in order to preserve their ancestral qualities.
From the best root stocks, represented in particular by exceptional horses such as:




and then by their deserving successors, still present nowadays at the head of the Stud:
Guajaraz  ,  El Cid  , Mauka ,  Paloma  , etc.....  


El Cid

I bred myself at the Haras du Gréou magnificent horses which made the name of my stud:
Gazelia du Gréou,  Naomi du Gréou,  Nahida du Gréou , Milena du Gréou, Najda du Gréou  etc......
all international champions

Nahida du Gréou

Nadja du Gréou

Gazelia du Gréou

Ornela du Gréou

Owing to the recent contribution of first rate Egyptian bloodlines in order to review this exceptional genetical heritage, the Haras du Gréou foresees the future through the new generation represented by:
Ansata Nil Blanc, Ornela du Gréou, Gandahar du Gréou , etc.....

Caravan du Gréou

Kandahar du Gréou

Nil Blanc du Gréou

Through my perseverance and obstination, I have been perpetuating that way, for more than 30 years, this magnificient breed which origin gets lost in the mists of time.